Welcome to the View From Zero Degrees

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Over 450 years of human endeavour. The possibilities are endless.

Welcome to the View From Zero Degrees, the blog from Chris at Meridian Prime.  I want to use this space to share ideas about our growth and development as leaders, how we engage with the people who are affected by or have an influence upon decisions and making a positive difference to the way we use the earth’s resources. When I set up my company in 2004-05, my work and the work of Meridian Prime, was primarily about enriching the quality of leadership and performance in organisations. It was about helping people connect with their passion, purpose and meaning in work and life. It is also about helping make the “language of sustainabilty resonate with the everyday” (John Blewitt, The Ecology of Learning, 2006 Earthscan Books). To a large extent, our work at Meridian Prime still is. We call it making shift happen now and our offerings have refined over the years.

We’re based near the prime meridian in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London. The view from zero degrees offers a metaphor for the beginning of a journey. Standing at the top of Greenwich Park, overlooking the River Thames and the cosmopolitan capital, many things are possible, each direction offers excitment and the unknown. All it takes is the first step. I hope you’ll join me.

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