The ‘View’ redux

Breaking a long, long silence on the e-waves.

I once knew someone who bought a second-hand book from stand outside a bookshop – it’s title was “Stop Procrastinating Now!”. She laughed as she told me she had taken it home and still hadn’t read it!

I have been procrastinating. I have been writing prolifically for various clients on matters fisheries and marine conservation, but completely lacking inspiration about what might be blog-worthy from people and organisational development perspectives. Not that anyone noticed especially – except there’s a link to here from my company website and it’s fairly bad form to have nothing new posted. But, inspiration aside, I’ve had been self-censoring too long – worried too much about whether my ideas are right enough, polished enough or, worst of all, original enough. Putting pressure on oneself to come up with repeated unique and original thoughts is daft in so many ways. As social beings our thoughts and feelings are so intertwined with others, influenced by our interactions and by what we hear and see, whether through in-person encounters or more remotely through news media, social media, reading or entertainment. Just getting on with it is an important action. I can express my take on the world and acknowledge inspiration from wherever it comes. In that way I can generate a version of the world that is my intellectual property.

So, with renewed vigour and sense of purpose, this week I am inspired by Alan Weiss to stop procrastinating and just get things done — thus, I am relaunching this blog as a forum to express ideas that help people and organisations transform potential into tangible results.

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