“Chris brings a high level of energy, experience and innovation to her work in implementing the mission of Meridian Prime. Business, government and NGOs can all benefit from her professional executive coaching and her commitment to developing practical solutions to sustainability challenges.” Paul Holthus, Executive Director, World Ocean Council

“Chris is a highly professional and easy to work with facilitator, mentor and coach, with deep content knowledge in her chosen expertise. She has always been generous with her time and contribution to The Environment Council and adds a great deal of value to our partnership work.” Winsome MacLaurin, former CEO, The Environment Council

Coaching and Organisational Development

“Chris worked through an organisational effectiveness process with our team in an internationally dispersed non-profit. Engaging with the Trustees and executive staff, Chris helped us see the big picture and explore multiple perspectives and needs. Through this work we have a clarified our shared strategic focus, value proposition, and articulated – and brought to conscious action – our sense of culture.” Emily Howgate, International Co-ordinating Director and John Burton, Chairman, International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF)

“Chris’ strategic advice and expertise about developing and rapidly scaling-up a global certification scheme like EDGE has been of immense value to me. She helped us develop the business model and grow the bottom line by expanding the scheme’s ability to offer certification in North and South America, across Europe and into the Asia-Pacific region. EDGE is now experiencing rapid growth: the number of companies achieving EDGE certification more than doubled in 2015 and again in 2016, and since 2013 there has been a 300% increase in companies contracting EDGE Strategy AG to use our workplace gender gap assessment tool in preparation to become EDGE Certified.” Aniela Unguresan, CEO EDGE Strategy AG and Co-Founder EDGE Certified Foundation

“In a short time Chris helped me to develop an interactive workshop where I was very much a facilitator rather than presenter. She built on my ideas, suggested improvements, shared her own and gave me lots of tips. On the day, we had a very interactive session with lots of vibrant discussion, everyone got involved and the feedback was very positive. Chris is a fantastic coach. I found her extremely professional with wealth of knowledge and, above all, very likeable.” Suzanne Clift, Communications Manager, ISEAL Alliance

“Chris created an imaginative, relaxed space for us to reflect and step out of our daily work lives. Since Chris’ interventions the team dynamics have improved.” Chain of Custody Team, Marine Stewardship Council

“I came to Meridian Prime for advice as I was setting up the GreenFishers Trust. I had so many ideas and avenues that I wanted to pursue I was totally stuck. Chris’ patient coaching and guidance were invaluable to help me focus and define a clear vision and mission for the project. In only three sessions, she helped me structure my thoughts and develop a strategy to make the project grow. Putting it all into place has taken time, but her coaching has been a constant strength ever since.” Sophie des Clers, Director, GreenFishers Trust

“Thank you again for helping us with the structure and facilitation ideas/mentoring for our Communications Network meeting.  I think it went very well.  I felt very relaxed and my colleague did a great job. The participants came out in full on a Friday and, based on our survey results, seemed to enjoy it.  We got only “very useful” and “useful” ticks from everyone.”   Lara Koritzke, Director of Development & Communications, ISEAL Alliance

“After working with Chris for six months I realised I had gained greater clarity about my strengths at work and the circumstances in which I thrive. I had established clear work/life boundaries and made choices that supported a healthier work/life balance. Overall I feel happier at work. When facing an important career decision within my organisation, I was able to make informed and clear choices about the most appropriate options for me based upon my strengths and aspirations, as well as what would best serve the organisation. Through Chris’ coaching, I have also gained the ability to explore and evaluate choices I face in my day-to-day work as well as my career overall. I felt it was important that Chris had deep understanding of the sustainability sector and the unique challenges associated with it – this created an immediate common ground and reduced ‘explanation’ time considerably. Finally, Chris’ coaching provided me with a valuable and productive sounding board outside the work environment.” NT, Senior Policy Manager, International NGO

“Chris is an excellent and very resourceful coach. In a short space of time she helped me get real clarity and conviction behind some critical professional decisions I needed to make. I was very impressed with her subtle ability to both motivate and encourage me to take the necessary steps, as well as offering insightful and valuable suggestions when appropriate. I think she balanced these aspects perfectly. Her ability to continuously coach me towards the right frame of mind for what I want to achieve is very powerful and extremely helpful.” KMB, Strategy Consultant

“In just five sessions, with Chris’ support, I gained a real sense of clarity and massively exceeded all the targets set. I think Chris is an excellent coach and if I come back to coaching I expect to come knocking on her door. For me, a successful coaching relationship depends on the person being coached and coach finding a compatible balance between respect, support and challenge: Chris was my third coach in a year and the best by a long, long way.” Richard Wilson, Director and Co-founder, izwe

“It had not been part of my game plan to become chief executive but I took that role on at very short notice, and initially on an acting basis, when there was an unexpected vacancy in the charity for which I work. I certainly needed some back-up and Christina was the ideal coach at a time when I was facing huge challenges. She soon encouraged me to realise that I could succeed as a leader by playing to and developing my own strengths rather than trying to emulate someone else’s style. Through our sessions I gained clarity, perspective and confidence. She helped me to focus on the most important things and choose strategies for dealing with them that made sense for me and for the organisation. After a few months as acting chief executive I was enjoying what at first had been a rather scary position. I am sure that would not have been the case without Christina’s insightful and empowering contributions. I subsequently applied for the post on a permanent basis and happily I was appointed. I am now looking forward to the next phase of development for the charity and for myself.” Simon Carruth, former CEO Medical Foundation for the Care of the Victims of Torture (Charity providing medical, psychotherapeutic and social care – 200 staff, annual budget ~8m)

“I started coaching with Chris when I’d just taken up a new role as Director and was looking for support outside of my work environment. Chris helped me identify areas where I could focus my energy to improve my performance and give me more confidence in my new role. Chris focussed my attention and questioned my thinking. This resulted in changes to the way I approach many issues and allowed me to put things into perspective. I believe my time with Chris helped ensure I settled into my new role at a much faster rate than otherwise would have been the case and helped me develop tools to deal with situations that may come my way in the future.” Director, environmental organisation

“Chris supported the development of our strategic planning retreat. We found her work to be insightful and easy to implement.” Patrick Mallet, Technical Director, ISEAL Alliance

Stakeholder engagement and facilitation

“Thank you very much for facilitating an excellent event on Friday. You’d put in huge amounts of thought and preparation, and it was clear from participant responses how much everyone appreciated and responded to your contribution.” Prof. Bob Mackenzie, Association for Management Education and Development (AMED) Writers’ Group

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chris in designing, delivering and reviewing facilitated workshops for large numbers of participants. Chris is excellent at understanding and interpreting the brief and then, as things progress, reviewing to bring about continuous improvement. At the heart of this is Chris’ interest in people, wanting the best for others whether it is the team she is in or those receiving her service. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.” Dr Steve Hill, Carbon and Climate Change Manager, Severn Trent Water. Former Deputy CEO, The Environment Council

“Thanks for the speedy work in spite of challenging calendars. And thanks too for the workshop set up and facilitation – I thoroughly enjoyed it!” JBJ, Producers Organisation

“I have just seen the comments from stakeholders. The fact that they are so constructive I think is in large part due to the way you managed and conducted the workshop. Congratulations and thank you very much.” Client, International NGO

“I was thinking today that the fact that the workshop ran so swiftly and that at first I did not realize it was due to you, make you deserve double congratulations – I think you did a very good job in coordinating with a very light touch (even when there was pressure of time – like the last hour).” GS, Research Organisation

“Excellent facilitation – fantastic job, a challenging schedule, but outcomes achieved.” CEO, conservation organisation

Sustainable development

“Chris is a terrific person (and provider!) to work with. She is thoroughly professional in terms of timing, contractual details and deliverables, and a lot of fun to work with. More importantly though, she knows the subject matter deeply, both academically, practically from her own experience and through keeping up to date with best practice. This is particularly in the areas of fisheries management and marine conservation and the cutting edge management approaches that can deliver change for the better.” Katherine Short, WWF International

“Great results. Expert. High Integrity. Any of these attributes could be applied to Chris’s work. Always a top performer across a wide variety of subjects that are informed by her extensive technical background and her knowledge of what works within an organisation.” Chris Ninnes, former Deputy CEO, Marine Stewardship Council; now CEO, Aquaculture Stewardship Council

“The development of a global network position on any contentious issue is a real challenge – this definitely applies to “Rights-Based Measures in Fisheries Management” and Chris delivered an excellent piece of work on this. She handled everything highly professionally and with profound knowledge and commitment. I’m very much looking forward to working with her again!” Karoline Schacht, WWF Germany