Shift: one step at a time

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Making shift happen is a process that results in changes you want to see for yourself, your team or your organisation. The steps are simple:

1. Create a vision of the results you want to realise or the direction you want to head in (your desired outcome).

2. Devise the strategies you believe will get you there.

3. Create measures or simple indicators that will help you make progress along the way.

4. Visualise those indicators in some way so you can track progress, stay motivated and keep focused on your desired outcome.

5. Take action – do at least one thing every day that helps you pursue your vision.

6. Don’t be afraid to adjust your course or change the ultimate destination – so long as this is not simply an excuse for not taking action or not succeeding at your vision.

7. Celebrate milestones and your ultimate success!

So, act now!

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