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I am proud and excited to announce that I am the new Executive Director of the EDGE Certified Foundation. EDGE stands for Economic Dividends for Gender Equality. EDGE is a global certification scheme created in Switzerland and is dedicated to closing the workplace gender gap. This voluntary scheme takes a systemic and strategic approach to talent management, equal opportunities and flexible work environments for 21st century women and men. The EDGE label will distinguish global corporations whose numbers, policies, practices and culture offer demonstrably equal career opportunities to men and women.

I will be working closely with Co-Founder Aniela Unguresan to help realise her vision and build on early successes across several sectors in multiple countries. Together we intend to dramatically scale up the scheme and accelerate its impact on society by adding to the first cohort of certified companies and extending our reach across regions and industries.

Check out the scheme here:  Or follow us on Twitter: @EDGE_CERT

This is a fantastic opportunity to make shift happen at a time when there is a lot of talk about how best to get more women into boardrooms and into leadership roles in the corporate world. Right now presents an almost unprecedented opportunity to engage in conversations that matter and to offer thought leadership that will lead to change in the roles of women and men as breadwinners and caregivers in 21st century society and in organisational talent management strategies. I am relishing the chance to get out and into the world to continue my work as a shift stirrer and a dedicated rebel with a cause!

EDGE embodies ideas about flexible working, so in that spirit, I will not entirely stop being an executive coach or organisational consultant. I shall continue seeing existing clients and honour prior commitments to help people and organisations make their own shift happen. As openings become available and if time permits, I will continue to offer coaching. My associates are also available for a variety of coaching, facilitation or project-related assignments. I am also available to previous organisational clients who wish to develop team or organisational development assignments. You can contact my associates or me through the Meridian Prime web site or by email.

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