Organisational Development

Organisational development, at its heart, uses strategic and system-wide approaches to change. Consultants and clients collaborate to create concrete and measurable objectives and together take action to achieve dramatic outcomes at the organisational level. Organisational development uses principles and practices drawn from behavioural and complexity sciences to help us understand and apply human, group and organisational dynamics to transform complex systems – to make shift happen for people, teams and whole organisations. By helping to make shift happen, we at Meridian Prime help people and organisations to discover, tap into and transform potential into tangible business and organisational results.

The potential for:

  • Growing profits, capacity and knowledge
  • Increasing engagement, autonomy and mastery
  • Adapting and changing
  • Creating strategic direction and strategic thinking
  • Making smoother and faster new leader/manager transitions
  • Improving individual performance and motivation
  • Retaining and developing core talent
  • Transforming team performance
  • Transforming culture

“I came to Meridian Prime for advice as I was setting up the GreenFishers Trust. I had so many ideas and avenues that I wanted to pursue I was totally stuck. Chris’ patient coaching and guidance were invaluable to help me focus and define a clear vision and mission for the project. In only three sessions, she helped me structure my thoughts and develop a strategy to make the project grow. Putting it all into place has taken time, but her coaching has been a constant strength ever since.” Sophie des Clers, Director, GreenFishers Trust.


“Chris supported the development of our strategic planning retreat. We found her work to be insightful and easy to implement.” Patrick Mallet, Technical Director, ISEAL Alliance

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