Leadership Development

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The Young Foundation’s UpRisers Leadership Retreat – 2010 at Roffey Park Institute

There may well be as many definitions, theories and practices around Leadership and Leadership Development as there are consultants, developers and leaders out there touting a leadership agenda.

At Meridian Prime, we are interested in the exploration of the widest range of leadership theory and practice to find what works for people in organisations. We take a personal and organisational, or systemic, view:  as individuals, developing as leaders requires self-awareness and mastery; in organisations our interactions with others define how we are as leaders and how our leadership impacts organisational performance and effectiveness.

Ultimately, our work is about finding strengths and overcoming weaknesses to improve not only the leadership conversation in organisations and people’s experience of leadership, but also to transform untapped potential into tangible results for people and their organisations.

For information about how we can help you develop as a leader or create a comprehensive leadership development programme that can transform your organisation, please contact us at info@meridianprime.co.uk


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