Consulting & research

Image Copyright: Chris Grieve

Since 2005, Meridian Prime has delivered and/or collaborated on consulting and research projects on the following topics:

  • Assessment, re-assessment and peer review of fisheries against the Marine Stewardship Council’s standard for sustainable fishing.
  • Assurance systems: eco-labelling, third-party certification and accreditation systems
  • Gender equality certification scheme requirements, standards, auditing and training
  • Theories of change for social and environmental market-based programmes
  • Development of monitoring & evaluation frameworks for impact of social & environmental change programmes
  • Strategic programme reviews
  • Funding application reviews and peer reviews
  • Marketing and political campaign strategies
  • Fisheries sustainability standards
  • Fisheries management and policy review and implementation
  • Ecosystem-based management
  • Environmental impact assessment and environmental benefits of programmes
  • Development of Codes of Good Practice for standard-setting, impact assessment and assurance
  • Policy and management implementation impact assessments
  • Best practice guides for stakeholder engagement in complex technical & scientific topics
  • Organizational and employee surveys
  • Development of facilitated network events

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