Making shift happen for its own sake is not the ultimate aim of Meridian Prime.

Our commitment to helping people and organisations make shift happen emerges from the idea that people create organisational performance and effectiveness: that these things are in fact people-dependent. In turn, organisational performance and effectiveness are significantly impacted by organisational culture and organisational leadership, which are also people-dependent. Helping people and teams to transform their potential into tangible results can transform organisations. By shifting individual and group thinking, awareness and ultimately behaviours, measurable financial results can follow, or if your organisation is pursuing non-financial outcomes, those too can be realised.

Making shift happen is about focusing on the people-dimension of organisational life and appreciating its complexity: either at individual, group or organisational levels. It is about helping people and organisations:

  • Understand where they are now.
  • Develop clarity about where they want to be.
  • Design individual, group or organisational engagements, interventions or programmes to shift performance or effectiveness.
  • Determine how they will know that they have arrived by articulating the tangible results or outcomes will be realised if the shift succeeds.

The focus of work can often be, but not always, on leadership or team development and creating organisational cultures that support the desired shifts. The work itself is designed uniquely for each client, based on an in depth understanding of client needs and the tangible results they want to achieve.

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