On being creative

For ages I nursed the idea that to be creative one had to have some innate talent that sprang fully formed, fully realised from some mysterious place within. All that that notion served to do was keep me from expressing myself as a creative being. Over the years I came to understand that while creativity is innate in all of us, I was actually defining creativity as mastery of some creative art, be it music, painting, writing, or photography. I came to understand that I was standing in my own way and that my frustrations as an artist were born from the depressing realisation that I wasn’t instantly brilliant at whatever creative pursuit I attempted. It was that limiting belief that I allowed to prevent me from developing my artistic voice. For years. Gradually, I was able to disentangle myself from these self-limiting notions and put myself on a path of artistic and expressive self-development. I began to practice my art of photography, I sought out masters from whom to learn, I acquired books, consumed YouTube videos, I got an internationally awarded and renowned photographer as a mentor. Now am being creative every single day. And I am a photographer, an artist, a creative being.

Rambunctious Whispering Tide

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