Mindset for the times…

The hype about our global financial crisis on the nightly news reaches fever pitch. We’re whipped into a sense of impending doom or barely contained hysteria. The “R” word is increasingly on pundits’ lips. Crash, slowdown, recession. Is there anything else out there?

I think there is. There’s a community of like-minded people, a tribe if you will, who think about being bold in these times, being courageous, about opportunity knocking and time to innovate. Rather than contracting, these entrepreneurs, leaders, creators are thinking strategically, scanning the horizon for how they can use this perfect time to create something new and remarkable.

Not every business is contracting. Take a look around. Read the business sections of papers (after the scary cover stories). Find out which businesses are thriving, which ones are innovating, consolidating market position, becoming dominant, inhabiting the fringe, creating a niche, reporting growth. Aston Martin may have only sold three cars in September this year compared to 150 in September last year, but believe me there are businesses out there doing amazing things. Cobblers, I hear you say! Well quite – cobblers are thriving as bankers bring their shoes to be resoled rather than stump up for new Italian jobs. Perhaps an erroneous comparison – Astons to cobblers – but my point is made.

Instead of pulling back, move forward, exercise leadership and exploit opportunities while your competition is too timid to do so. This is a leadership challenge, a mindset or attitude to inhabit as much as a strategy to implement.

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