Track Record

Chris focuses on client outcomes – the tangible results that emerge from a clear statement of objectives and the measures of success that the client agrees indicate progress, change and/or completion.

Meridian Prime’s clients report the following outcomes:

  • Business growth and development.
  • Massively exceeding targets.
  • Identifying areas to focus energy and attention.
  • Success as leaders.
  • Gaining and using new leadership skills.
  • Improving team dynamics.
  • Focusing and defining clear vision and mission.
  • Developing strategies to make projects grow.
  • Gaining conviction behind critical decisions.
  • Gaining agreement on contentious issues.
  • Taking the necessary steps to implement decisions.
  • Developing practical solutions based on what works in organisations.
  • Gaining clarity, perspective and confidence.
  • Getting into productive and performance enhancing frames of mind.
  • Making choices based on strengths and aspirations.
  • Being able to explore and evaluate choices in day-to-day work.
  • Experiencing fun, enjoyment, challenge, excitement.

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