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Hey, hey we’re the monkeys!

What do monkeys and the Australian Olympic swimming team have in common? Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? Sadly, it isn’t a joke. Rather a damning indictment of leadership and culture gone toxic. There’s a perfect analogy in the organisational development literature that describes how destructive cultures form: Begin with five monkeys […]

What’s your hedgehog factor?

When we get together in relationships and groups, we humans can behave very much like hedgehogs in winter. Schopenhauer created a parable about the dilemma hedgehogs face when trying to stay warm in their burrows in the coldest months: they need to huddle together for body warmth, but their spines are prickly, uncomfortable and even […]

Harness the power and the energy

Last week I was in Cardiff, Wales where, with an extraordinary bunch of people, I co-facilitated conversations about harnessing the energy of the tides to create a renewable source of energy and maybe help the British government meet its emissions reduction targets. While the subject matter is fascinating and fraught with potential in its own right, […]