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Leaders: heroes or social architects?

Just been reading about Warren Bennis, the US industrial psychologist and former presidential adviser.  He is the man who coined the phrase: “Managers do things right. Leaders do the right things.”  I like that Bennis’s work  and research with major corporations and universities over the last 40 years has enabled his thinking to evolve.  In the mid-1980s he had a […]

Mindset for the times…

The hype about our global financial crisis on the nightly news reaches fever pitch. We’re whipped into a sense of impending doom or barely contained hysteria. The “R” word is increasingly on pundits’ lips. Crash, slowdown, recession. Is there anything else out there? I think there is. There’s a community of like-minded people, a tribe […]

Harness the power and the energy

Last week I was in Cardiff, Wales where, with an extraordinary bunch of people, I co-facilitated conversations about harnessing the energy of the tides to create a renewable source of energy and maybe help the British government meet its emissions reduction targets. While the subject matter is fascinating and fraught with potential in its own right, […]

If you want me to change the world, get me a coach!

I’ve worked in or around the non-government and voluntary sectors for over a decade. I’ve noticed that most people who work in these sectors do so with great passion and commitment. I’ve also heard people get called “self-sacrificing” because they work long hours and often get paid lower salaries than if they were doing a similar job or […]

Welcome to the View From Zero Degrees

Welcome to the View From Zero Degrees, the blog from Chris at Meridian Prime.  I want to use this space to share ideas about our growth and development as leaders, how we engage with the people who are affected by or have an influence upon decisions and making a positive difference to the way we use the earth’s […]