Banish the beige

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I wrote this in January, 2013.  The journey to make shift happen at Meridian Prime really took off after this!

It’s been a reflective start to 2013.

For some months I’ve been playing around with ideas to rebrand and relaunch my work and my company. By the end of the year I had come up with a strap line that I thought would send the right messages to sensible, middle-of-the-road potential clients. I hired a graphic designer and got new business cards printed. The more I looked at it, frankly, the more uninspired and bored I became. I put myself in potential clients’ shoes and imagined how they might feel. Oh dear.

I went on retreat to deepest Oxfordshire. I spent time with Myles Downey ( and other extraordinary coaches. Something remarkable happened.  Ideas that have been bubbling and percolating since I finished my Masters degree in 2011 come into clear focus. Shift happened.

Quite simply – I realised it is time to banish the beige.

Billy Connolly has for years talked about not wanting to be beige – the colour of mediocrity, of the masses, of the ordinary. You see it in his comedy, in his clothes, in how he negotiates his world. I love it. Always have. I used to embrace that part of myself. But then I became lost to that part of me. In my striving to be seen as credible and acceptable I became more and more beige.

Well no more!

My great insight for the beginning of 2013 is that it is time for me to reclaim that part of me that I allowed to lie dormant for a long, long time. In finding out what is at my core, I discover it is a passion for helping people make shift happen. It is owning the fact that I am a shift stirrer! My best expression of myself is when I banish the beige and own the renegade within. I am a rebel with a cause (thank you, Richard: I am the woman who bought the red velvet shoes in the picture (and had to learn how to walk in them!). I am the woman who is totally committed to helping people and organisations find where their potential lies, and to stirring things up so they can unleash that potential for dramatic results in the world.

These last three-four years I have been helped along the way by some very talented people. But to give myself credit, I was willing to go inside, ask and answer questions like:

What is at my core?

What really matters?

What do I want?

What am I willing to do?

What will I do?

So it is back to the drawing board with the strap lines and branding materials. I want to capture the essence of my core – it is where thought leadership will come from, it is where my very best work emerges from because there I am engaged, committed, passionate and congruent with an image of myself when I feel at my best. A new website will be in the offing, as will a different presence in cyberspace and my networks, along with new ideas for how I can help people make dramatic breakthroughs and make their own SHIFT HAPPEN!

I might even design a bumper sticker, in purple or maybe in red (the colour of luscious ripe tomatoes, and the shoes of course).

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