Chris GrieveChris Grieve – Executive Director

Chris is a creative outdoor photographer.

Before leaping into a creative life, and in a career spanning 30+ years, Chris worked with business, government and charitable organisations in multi-national and multi-disciplinary settings. In 2004 Chris founded Meridian Prime to help people and organisations make shift happen. As an organisational consultant, accredited Executive coach and facilitator Chris has helped people, teams and organisations unlock potential and transform it into tangible value. Chris has also designed and facilitated stakeholder engagement & dialogue processes, and continues to work as a consultant and researcher in the field of sustainable development.

As a consultant, between 2013 and 2020 Chris served as the Executive Director of the EDGE Certified Foundation, the global business certification scheme for gender equality. Since 2020 Chris continues to support the Foundation as Strategic Adviser.

Chris was on the Board of Directors for WOCAN: an organisation that works to strengthen women’s leadership and economic empowerment in agriculture and natural resource management. She was also on the original Advisory Board of Oregon-based Ocean Outcomes – a US-based, internationally focused non-profit dedicated to creating locally-led, industry supported fishery improvement projects that lead to healthy environments, profitable seafood supplies and thriving fishing communities. As an Associate, she led and co-designed stakeholder engagement, coaching and development workshops for The Environment Council. Chris served in the Marine Stewardship Council’s leadership team as International Policy Director, and then spent five years as the MSC’s only Associate Director leading work of strategic importance to the rapidly growing sustainability certification scheme.  Chris is a fellow of the RSA and a member of the Institute of Directors, the Association for Management Education & Development, the Organisational Development Innovation Network, and the Institute of Fisheries Management. Chris has an MSc in People and Organisational Development, a Certificate in Executive Coaching and a Post-Grad Certificate in Applied Science.