A small selection of published materials based upon the work of Meridian Prime

People and organisations

Guest Editor of the online journal for the Association for Management Education and Development (AMED) eO&P, Vol.18, No.2;   Co-Editor with Paul Z. Jackson (The Solutions Focus) AMED’s eO&P Vol.17, No.4 on Coaching as Organisational Development

Image copyright: Chris Grieve      eO&P Vol 17, No 4


Facilitation and stakeholder engagement

Guide for independent certifiers about facilitating high quality stakeholder participation in sustainability risk assessments, particularly in environments where scientific data may be lacking, e.g., developing countries.

Image copyright: Chris Grieve / Marine Stewardship Council

Sustainable development

Journal articles, press campaigns, policy documents and research on fisheries management, impacts of fishing on the environment and ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries.

MSC gear impactsImage copyright: Chris Grieve/Taylor & Francis Online      Image copyright: Chris Grieve / OCEAN2012

Image copyright: Chris Grieve / WWF International              Image copyright: Chris Grieve / WWF International       CFP Health Check - IEEP

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